Our Values

Since our inception, we have focused on doing well in business while also doing good in our communities. We deeply care about advancing humankind. To cure cancer, solve climate change, send a person beyong the solar system and do the other things, requires us to foster organize and measure the best our our talent, skills and energies. That challenge is one that we must accept, one we cannot postpone, and one we must win. Innovation fuels progress and demands meritocracy and transparency. Our values have helped differentiate our culture and strengthen our resolve. We believe business is a great platform for change and proudly invite others to join us in taking action to better humankind.

Our History

Millions invested in R&D. Years of Research. 200 person year of development from some of the brightest minds in AI and tech lead to a major breakthrough.

That invention was the foundation that allowed us to incorporate in February, 2023. 

We were nominated as MIT Top 10 AI Startups for 2023.

We were the Selected Vendor for Recommendation Engines by Gartner. 

We raised our first seed round in June, 2023.

Our Team

Our Advisory Board Dream Team