Our History

Millions invested in R&D. Years of Research. 200 person year of development from some of the brightest minds in AI and technology, lead us to a major breakthrough.

That invention was the foundation that allowed us to incorporate in February, 2023. 

We were nominated as MIT Top 10 AI Startups in 2023.

We were the Selected Vendor for Recommendation Engines by Gartner. 

We raised our first seed round in June, 2023.

Signed our first eCommerce customer in Q1 2024.

Signed our second and third  eCommerce customers in Q2 2024.

Our Mission

Sparkdit mission is to teach computers to make decisions like humans. We set this objective, not because it is easy, but because it is hard. Because this goal will serve to organize and measure the best of our energies and talent, and will enhance humankind by stimulating progress. 

Making the right decision is pertinent and valuable in almost any field;  whether making the right purchasing decision in eCommerce, or deciding when to launch the next space shuttle, or selecting the location to build a factory, or choosing the medical treatment that fits best a patient needs, or swapping airplanes to minimize the delays impact, the goal is to drive better outcomes. 

However, to make the right decision, it must be void of bias, greed, and should be as objective as feasible. This is not to say that human emotions should not be taken into consideration. It simply means that the factors to be considered into a decision should not stem from hidden agendas thus our model and culture is founded on transparency.

Why making the right decision matters? Because as Lincoln put it: "Right is Might"  

Our Executive Team

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